Crystal Advent Calendar

Guard your life , Protect your body , Balance the forces within your home.


We are a online store that only makes crystal products, and these crystals have protection, magnetic attraction, strong faith. 

We are a online store that only makes crystal products, and these crystals have protection, magnetic attraction, strong faith. 

Christmas crystal advent calendar

Made of genuine natural crystal - With 25 Luxury Glass Cover

The natural crystal have invisable power!

It is a divining crystal of spirituality and contentment. It enhances mental awareness and promotes a higher state of consciousness. We use divination to select out the crystals that will bless, have the metaphysical power to calm the mind, and help stimulate an enhanced meditative state.

Feng Shui Tree Set

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Discounts up to 33%

💎An original Feng Shui Tree Set, handmade entirely from natural crystals from nature, with the addition of divination and feng shui elements.

According to Feng Shui, placing the stones in the following places will bring positive energy and prosperity

  • Crystal Feng Shui Tree used in the northwest area of a home can increase wealth, attract wealth and treasure, and have a successful career.
  • Place the Feng Shui Crystal Tree in the southwest corner of your living room or bedroom to enhance your love fortune.
  • For those who are successful in their studies, place the Feng Shui tree in the northeast corner of the desk or study.
  • To improve your health, it is recommended to place it in the East House of your home or office because the East House of your home is associated with health and the tree works best in this house.
  • If you often have nightmares or anxiety , place the gemstone tree next to your bed to help you get a good night's sleep.
  • Northeast corner of the student dormitory Academic and academic luck
  • Place a crystal tree on earth Placing a crystal tree in the center of the house will enhance the harmony between family members with compassion and vibrant harmony between family members
  • Placing a chakra stone tree at home or workplace will eliminate imbalances in our lives.
Crystal Replacement Pendant Cord

Choose your favourite crystal and hang it on a string to make your own jewellery or give it as a gift to friends and loved ones, best paired with our Crystal Advent Calendar!

Crystal advent calendar

We infused the crystal with soul through divination, prayer and astrological analysis. Crystal Advent Calendar - Nourish your soul with the spiritual symbols of crystal!The collection of Crystal Advent Calendars is inspired by ancient traditions to bring good fortune to your life and the family around you with protective energy.


25PC Natural crystal

(Box is included)


enhances mental

Benefit your body and soul.